Learn an Important Skill for the Jobs of Tomorrow

According to a 2017 Brookings Report nearly every job that exists is becoming more digital, while the number of highly digital occupations have tripled since 2002. Typing is a skill you can use every day to get ahead in school or in the workplace.
Computer Technology Infographic

Full Curriculum

Designed by a team of engineers with input from educational professionals, the levels teach proper finger placement while building muscle memory to increase speed and accuracy. With 5 difficulty levels and the ability to replay any level as much as you want, you can truly learn at your own pace.

Progress Tracking

Watching your speed and accuracy improve over time is both exciting and satisfying. Periodic exercises will test and track your results to motivate you and give you your latest typing speed. Put this on your resume, or brag to your friends!

Ad-Free Education

Ads don't belong in the classroom. That's why unlike many online tools, Word Birds is ad-free.

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